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Navigational products manufactured by Blundell Harling Ltd. The ‘Portland’ range of navigational products is manufactured by Blundell Harling Ltd in Weymouth in Dorset. The Portland course plotter was designed in  partnership with the RYA. As a result, the RYA  recommends the Portland course plotter for use on its training courses. It is used with Imray and Admiralty charts to learn to plot accurate courses and work out bearings. Blundell Harling also supplies solid brass chart dividers for use with the plotters. The solid brass dividers are available in a choice of single handed (SH) or straight, 175mm/7″ or 200mm/8″. The leisure marine industry uses the Portland course plotter and solid brass chart dividers as a manual backup in the event of electronic chart failure on yachts and motorboats.

Furthermore, Blundell Harling manufactures and supplies a range of products including protractors, Portland triangles, STD calculators, and parallel rules to the commercial shipping industry Worldwide.

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